Prudential Team Photography - Orange County California

Prudential Team Photography - Orange County California


Lets face it, we are all a little bit camera shy, and we find the prospect of a programmed photo a little bit intimidating. For this reason, it is always a good idea to research a photographer so that you can acquaint yourself with his or her work. You should check out their site and read all of the comments and reviews so that you find the perfect fit.

When you have found someone, you have to communicate what you and your team want. Always be confident and bring your own ideas to the table, but remember to listen as well. A professional photographer will know which angles and shots work best for you and your team. Once you make the choice, remember that trust is important because it’ll give you the confidence to work within the established limits.

It is always a good idea that when you schedule a visit with your photographer, you get a list of stylists that work with him/her so that you can find one that you like and can find the look that you want. Your team should not only need to dress for success, but also have the right attire and the attitude that goes with feeling good about yourselves. A professional photographer will guide you and make sure that everything goes smoothly and is up to par the day of the shoot. This is especially important if it’s a team headshot so that everyone is coordinated and nobody sticks out like a sore thumb.

Having every detail taken care of, will help you relax, and being comfortable is important, because it will give your team a sense of confidence. Remember that a headshot is important because it leaves a lasting image, long after potential clients have read about your business.

For your headshot, remember to sleep well the night before and to hydrate properly so that you can look your best. A tired face and baggy eyes, makes you look sallow, sick and older. With headshots remember to get your team to pose for different photos, so you have different options. This way your team can decide which one best suits you for different occasions or projects.

Make sure your photographer captures your team spirit and personality so that it reflects all of you. It is always a good idea to browse and see other team headshots so that everyone agrees on a strategy. If you don’t look ahead you will waste a lot of time and the conflict that is created will bring tension into the shoot.

You can also program with your photographer to take your headshot photos at the office, your annual conventions, meetings or conferences. Sometimes with a team it is easier to have the photographer come to you, than trying to coordinate a large group. It eases tension and it becomes a more efficient approach.

Last but not least, remember to keep a healthy, happy atmosphere so that your team headshots transmit the good vibe you all have. This photo will circulate and become the image that represents all of you.

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