Outdoor high school senior pictures ideas

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Outdoor high school senior pictures ideas

Your high school senior year is memorable; it is the last step before adulthood and before leaving home to go to college. What better way to immortalize your senior year than through photography? If you want to take your high school senior pictures, you definitely need to capture the excitement and the fun of your senior year. There are many things that you should keep in mind when planning a senior photo session. To begin with, there is no need to limit your background to a studio or inside a home. Taking pictures outside can be a great way to take advantage of the natural lighting and the beautiful surroundings.

If you decide to do outdoor high school senior pictures, the ideas are almost limitless. For instance, you could include the year of graduation in the picture. This is a unique way to highlight the year you want to remember. Luckily there are many ways to do this outdoors. You can incorporate the numbers as a prop or as part of the scenery.      

It is always better to take advantage of your natural surroundings, in order to do this, you could use leafs or branches to spell out the graduation year while you pose besides them. Other ways to include your graduation year could be by writing it on chalk by the sidewalk or on the street. If you are more inclined to use props you could even use balloons with numbers.

Aside from your graduation year, there are many other symbols to help you capture your senior year. For instance, you could include your varsity letterman's jacket in the photo or something that represents your favorite sport. In outdoor photography this is easier since you can pose by the tennis court if you really love tennis or another place symbolizing your favorite sport. On the other hand, if during your senior year instead of playing sports you enjoyed reading books, you could also use a pile of your favorite books for the picture. You could probably do this by sitting in a garden with your books near you.

The best thing about outdoor photography is that it is almost limitless. You can take advantage of nature in so many ways, which will make your senior pictures great instead of simply ok. For example, a very unique senior picture could be one taken in your favorite vacation spot or simply your favorite place in town. This could almost guarantee that your photo will be unique since your favorite place is not the same as some else’s. In order to make your picture more distinctive you could also include your hobby in it. For example, if you love cars when doing outdoor photography, you could pose next to a car you like.

Once you have chosen the right spot for your outdoor senior pictures and you know what props you would use; the next step is to capture the excitement you are feeling. This is the most important part of a senior picture and in order to achieve this you must feel comfortable and enjoy yourself while you are posing. Remember when you look back at your photos, you want to remember how much fun your high school senior year was and how excited you were you to finish it and begin your life.

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