High school senior pictures for guys and girls. Photographers Val & Stephanie Westover have been photographing high school seniors in Orange County California, Reno Nevada & Salt Lake City Utah, a long with creating professional images, photos, portraits & products since 1994 for homes and for high school yearbooks.

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Everyone is going to Rant & Rave over your High School Senior Photos! 

You'll be walked through the entire process of your photo session and taken great care of every step of the way. Besides having an awesome experience, you're going to love your high school senior pictures and they will become some of the most important memories for you, your family and your friends.

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"The experience was awesome!"
— Ryan Carpenter

"Val and Stephanie are two of the most talented professional photographers in America today.
They have the unique ability to bring out that special something that makes you come
alive in the mind of the viewer”
~Brian Tracy