"Val makes you feel completely comfortable every time."

— Kathryn Roberts

“This picture is forever defining in the evolution of our family from a legacy standpoint”

~Mike Stromsoe


"Elise was crying just before the photo shoot"

"So you know, Elise was crying just before the photo shoot and she did not want to do it at all. You are a master Val, and did an absolutely amazing job with capturing her emotion. Look at her eyes again, you will see into her soul. I think our subconscious minds pick that sort of thing up. At first glance you only see her beauty, but if you really look, you will see the rest of the story. That photo nailed it! Thanks for all you do, we love you and Stefanie!"  — Lisa Yellott


"I had a headshot session with Val Westover in London and I can honestly say it was a transformational experience."

— Sarah Jane Brown

"I couldn't be happier or more thrilled with the photography. It is absolutely amazing, they are truly magicians."

— Sharon Burstein


"I am so thrilled with the finished results."

Val and Stephanie were amazing to deal with. Just having a baby boy, it was difficult for me to leave my home. Val and Stephanie did something that I really didn't expect - They drove all the way out to my home to create the portraits in my front room. I am so thrilled with the finished results and I highly recommend Val and Stephanie for all of your photography.

— Sara Broussard


"Out of all of the photographers that I've worked with, Val is by far one of the best." 

— Drew Berman

"If you're not using Val, you should. Get him capturing your next event."

— Scott Keffer


"Talent is a gift. Val you were born with the gift of capturing the story through your photography!"

— Michelle Shurtleff


"The experience was awesome."

— Ryan Carpenter

"Thanks Val, I appreciate it."

— Lee Barrett


"I will cherish these pictures forever"

I can’t tell you enough what an amazing photographer Val Westover is!  He blew me away with the ease at which he was able to get my kids smiling and laughing.  They absolutely LOVED him and he was so good with them.  I highly recommend him to any family, especially families with small kids.  I will cherish these pictures for my entire life and I give full credit to Val.  He is my photographer of choice as he has been photographing me since I was a little girl and has done everything for me including my senior pictures, engagement photos, wedding and now my growing family.  Once he takes your pictures, he will be your photographer for life as well! 


— Megan Watson

"This was a very cool experience"

This was a very cool experience. Stephanie was very sweet and very nice. She made me feel comfortable and kept me laughing the entire time. I really liked the photos especially how they made my skin looked great. The best part of this is that my parents loved all of the photos. I highly recommend Stephanie or Val for your senior photos.

Ryan Westover


"It was such a great experience"

My name is Anaïïs Louvet and I am from Brussels, Belgium. I came across Val during my year abroad in the US. He and his wife Stephanie were some of the amazing people I got to meet. I've always been interested in photography, who isn't? Isn't it magic it to be able to capture a moment, the look in someone's eyes, a spontaneous smile? I had the privilege to have my senior pictures taken by Val. It was such a great experience! I couldn't believe and still can't, the result of this one day shooting. But most of all, laughing! Indeed, working with Val is so much FUN! Even though he spent the whole day joking with me, the result was so professional. That's when I realized how bright and unique this photograph was.

— Anaïïs Louvet


“I had the dream of surprising him with news of being pregnant...”

"When my husband and I decided we were ready to try for a baby, I had a dream of surprising him with the news of being pregnant during a photo shoot. Who better to help make this dream come true than Val and Steph? And make this dream come true they did!! Last August, a week before our first wedding anniversary, I found out we were pregnant! My first very excited call was to Steph, and we hatched our plan. Val and Steph had a workshop coming up. I told Adam we were headed to Montana for the weekend as a first anniversary celebration, and we were going to model for Val and Steph during their workshop. The surprise plan went off without a hitch! Adam and I were photographed in a gorgeous field with the beautiful mountains in the background. At the end of the maternity reveal shoot, Steph walked up behind Adam and pretended to fix our clothing and hair. She handed me a pair of crocheted cowboy booties that I had attached a special note to announcing our special news. I had Adam close his eyes, and then revealed the surprise to him when I handed him the booties and note. He couldn't believe it at first, and started crying! Val and Steph caught everything with their cameras, and I couldn't have asked for a more special surprise maternity reveal! The photographs turned out incredible, and Adam's expressions are forever captured for our growing family to treasure forever! I cannot thank Val and Steph enough for capturing this most special moment in our lives, and for helping me pull off such an incredible surprise!! THANK YOU!!!!!"  

— Ashley Thompson


"Everyone that comes into our home comments on the breathtaking works of art"

Val is not only a fabulous photographer but also a wonderful person! He’s extremely personable and works great with all people, especially kids. We love having him photograph our family because of his attention to detail and his eye for what makes a beautiful photograph. It was 2001 when we were first photographed by Val. EVERYONE that comes in our home comments on the breathtaking works of art. We have had family portraits done every year for over 14 years with Val. He is a master of lighting, portraits, and freezing moments in a magical and timeless manner. Val has the ability to capture amazing images with children of all ages (not easy to do) You will not find a more talented, creative and experienced portrait photographer anywhere. Val is not only unbelievably talented in his creativity he also is a master of the technical skills needed to create a masterpiece image. He just is an amazing artist. I wouldn’t hire any one else to do our family portraits ever.  

— Brett Baird 


"He made our experience exceptional and I love the photographs!"

Val is amazing! His energy and enthusiasm while taking my photograph was Fun and made me feel at ease. He made my experience exceptional and I love the photographs! I highly recommend him.

 Kristen Sharma

"We will now have a heart-warming story"

My family and I want to thank you for replacing the picture of our Kids that was recently damaged in a recent wildfire. Although we were one of the lucky ones who returned to an undamaged home, we still have many unexpected expenses from the fire (i.e. smoke/ash damage). It is so refreshing to work with a business that is truly made of people with hearts that reach out to help people in the time of crisis, rather than try to profit off of their misfortune. We have been a repeat customer for many years and we have always recommended your talent to all of our friends and family, but now we will have a heart-warming story to go along with it. 
Thank you.

Karen Farmer & Family