Five things to consider before hiring a wedding photographer


Five things to consider before hiring a wedding photographer

Arguably the biggest day of your life, choosing a wedding photographer shouldn’t be stressful. It will be, but it shouldn’t be. Provided you know what questions to ask and the things you need to think about beforehand, hiring a wedding photographer should be a straight forward process.

Portfolio & Price

It’s really important that you view the portfolio of any prospective photographer, because you need to know if their style is compatible with your personality and your wedding. You want to see their style and the quality of the photos they have produced in the past. It will give you a good idea about whether they’re right for you or not.
If something seems to be too good to be true… then it probably is. A wedding photographer that is charging way below the going rates should be a massive warning flag. Set a budget, but don’t risk horrific wedding photos to save some money. Cost can be negotiated, but quality can’t be.


If there are specific poses you want, or a specific set of people that you want captured then don’t be afraid to make a list of those to discuss with a photographer. It’s important for you to lay all of your cards on the table so that a potential photographer knows where you’re coming from. You can also look through their portfolio to see if there are pictures that are similar to what you’re looking for and how they turned out.


Before signing a contract, you should specify to your photographer where it is that your wedding will be held. Some photographers charge more for weddings outside a particular area and some aren’t willing to travel at all. So, if you’re looking at photographers an hour away, or if your wedding is in a different location be up front about it so you know where you stand.

The Package

Before signing any contracts (and you should sign a contract) make sure you know what is included in the package with your photographer. How many hours will be covered, how many proofs will you receive, will you get your images on a flashcard, a DVD or will they be downloadable? How long will it be before you get the photos and does it include a photo album? It’s good to know where you stand before your wedding day arrives.


Have you ever been to a wedding and thought the photographer seemed like a jerk? They might do a great job of taking pictures, but if they have a bad personality then it will be difficult for them to engage with people. You’ll see their personality in their previous work and you’ll see it when you talk to them about your wedding. You don’t want a photographer that hangs around like a bad smell on your wedding day; you want someone who can get great, natural photographs and ease in and out of the crowd barely noticed.
Don’t forget to find out whether they’re certified and insured! Also ask if they’re a member of an association in case something goes wrong and they’re unable to get to your wedding; in the event of an emergency they will have a plethora of other fantastic photogs at the end of the phone so that you’re not left in a lurch.