5 Reasons Why: A Professional Headshot Can Make You More Successful


5 Reasons Why: A Professional Headshot Can Make You More Successful

Whether it’s for your LinkedIn account or a freelancing site, the important of a good picture is just as key as the content of your profile.
Consider this: a well-built profile with plenty of content and a blurry picture that was clearly taken using a selfie stick and then cropped at the shoulders up.
Versus: a well-built profile capped with a clear picture of a dazzling smile and a bright shirt to accentuate your eyes.

Who do you think will get further?

So what is it about a professional headshot that can you more successful?
Your Face is Your Brand. It doesn’t matter who you work for, what you do or what you’re selling. It’s your face that people are buying. To build your brand you need to build trust and familiarity and a great way to do that is by having a top class photo of yourself on your websites and social media accounts.

The Devils in the Detail.

Whether your business is at the high end or the lower end of the scale, you want to present yourself as a professional. You may wear a suit to work every day, or you might wear shorts and a vest top. When dressing yourself for a professional headshot you want to convey your professionalism. You also want people to see that you care about the detail. Choosing a quality photographer and carefully selecting which photo you use tells potential customers and clients that you care.

Consistency is Key.

Now that you’ve got your new headshots, what do you do with them? Well, before you go posting crazy pick the right shot for your profiles. With any business you’ll want a photo of you smiling, but it depends on your business whether you want a big smile or not. Consider what your clients are coming to you for and choose a picture that translates to that. Once you’ve decided on the best picture get your online profiles changed over as soon as possible. Just make sure you get around all of your online accounts and change your old picture for your new one: consistency is key.

Familiarity Breeds Trust.

A quality photograph will give your potential clients and customers a good view of your face and the better the view the more likely the image will stick with them. If you’re heading to a convention, or a conference, people will immediately recognize you having already seen a clear picture of your face. Whether they remember where they’ve seen you or not… a familiar face is a face you can trust.


Do you think someone that uses pictures from their most recent night out with friends on their professional profiles will get very far? Drink in hand, arm around the person next to them? It might be a cracking photo, but it isn’t exactly professional. How can someone trust that you’re an authority in your field if you aren’t presenting yourself as one? Using a professional to produce your headshots tells people that you’re in control and you know what you’re doing.
There are no drawbacks from doing things the right way.