Looking More Approachable With A Casual Corporate Headshot

Larry Broughton, Broughton Hotels, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year, featured on the hit tv show "Hotel Impossible".

Larry Broughton, Broughton Hotels, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year, featured on the hit tv show "Hotel Impossible".


Looking More Approachable With A Casual Corporate Headshot

Casual headshots are an informal way of introducing yourself within all of your marketing efforts. They are more lifestyle oriented that your average corporate headshot and portray a much hipper and trendy vibe. It is a way to give a personal touch of your branding so that it better reflects your personality and the tone you want to set.

Headshots are part of our media driven business world and getting an excellent shot is as important as having the right education and experience. So when you need to shake things up and show that you are up to speed in this fast moving world, read these tips that will give you just the right edge.

Find clothes that don’t go out of style and in solid colors so that they reflect a hip yet efficient you. They need to reflect your personality as well as the business you are in.

Bring the right attitude to your photo shoot. You need to be relaxed so you don’t look stiff and unnatural.

The right photographer will be able to achieve what you want and help you get it. Unprofessional shots will look cheap and take away from your credibility, making it look sloppy. Your photo is the first impression you give a prospective client or employer.

Don’t use social photos that you think you can crop. The background is essential and smoking, drinking, public bathrooms, parties and clubs are not the adequate way to show you are professional.

To look more approachable you need to keep your body language open. Do not cross your arms, look relaxed.

Never use a logo, a pet photo or life quote instead of your photo,  a professional headshot adds a level of legitimacy to your profile anf your credibility.

Remember you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so the expense is well worth it because it will give you a professional appearance versus home made and cheap.

Once you have your headshots ask people you are close to, to help you choose. This is a great way to do a little market research and see the reaction you get.

Professional headshots express that you are careful about details and being casual inspires a confidence that makes you approachable yet efficient. It is also important that you use these for your business profiles and that you have a couple of headshots that you like so that you can interchange them. This shows that you care about your image and how others perceive you.

Photos on a professional network say a lot about us, we are a society that is bombarded by images on all our social media pages.  A casual corporate photo gives a quick impression of someone who is trustworthy, approachable and flexible. It shows that you are not a stiff person without any initiative, or someone who goes by dated guidelines that don’t work in a fast paced world. It shows you are open to change and adaptable.

Make sure your photo fills the frame with your head and shoulders and that you look confident. Having a professional shot guarantees that you get the best results and thus puts your best foot forward. A professional can also use Photoshop to remove blemishes, soften sharp features and give you, a healthy, vital appearance that is appealing.

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