Capturing True Emotion - Equestrian Portrait Photography

Horse and rider sharing a special moment. 

Horse and rider sharing a special moment. 


Capturing True Emotion - Equestrian Portrait Photogrtaphy

Equestrian photography is the best way to capture not only a memory of your equine companion, but to also show the bond that you share. It partners you with an important part of your life and who you are. Becoming a constant reminder of the love and friendship that has become an essential part of the relationship. A fondness of shared experiences and a rapport created in each others company.

It is a unique gift that embodies the essence of mutual respect in photos that are only slightly posed but very natural. Always trying to maintain a balance and creating an atmosphere that is relaxing for both the rider and the horse. The end result is a piece of stylish art that fills you with emotion.

The personalized photo can be either sophisticated, casual, glamorous or just a creative fun shot. Taking into account the horse’s body language and the position that you as the owner considers best. For this reason a preview, analyzing the stance, position of the ears and head movement is important.

Then previous to any portrait it is important to have an adjustment period to get to know the personality of the subjects, so they can get acquainted to the equipment and helping to create a serene environment. Early morning and afternoon sunlight are highly recommended since it brings out the shine on the horses coat.

In horse photography it is essential that all details of the grooming and the setting be taken care of in advance, for which a previous consultation is recommended. This will give you a chance to discuss your ideal pose and setting as well as giving your photographer the chance to explain his or her  needs for the shoot and the equipment that will be necessary.

Having a well-groomed horse for the session is important as well as a clean tack. It is also nice if the owner and horse have a matching color scheme if the horse is saddled.  This type of photography is all about patience and love for horses; it is capturing a very special connection. A connection that shows trust and respect between the horse and rider.

Equestrian portrait photography is the perfect gift for any horse lover. It is an image of a special story that needs to be kept, so that when you look back on the memory, you have a powerful photo that has captured true emotion with you and your horse.

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