All American Pet Photography Month May 2019

All American Pet Photography Month May 2019

In recognizing our fuzzy, fluffy, feathered best friends, celebrate the month of May with pet photos that capture the unconditional love that they have towards you and your family.

One of my favorite jokes that highlights the dedication and unconditional love that our pets give us, goes something like this:

How can you tell who loves you the most? Your dog, or your wife?
Put them both in the trunk of your car for an hour, then see which one is the happiest to see you.

Looking back at photos of my childhood, some of my most memorable times were shared with my dog “Queenie”. Our family photos always included my dog, whether we were camping, hiking, at a picnic, or opening Christmas presents, she was always there by my side. I strongly believe that she was a key part of my great childhood. Every time I see a childhood photo with my dog, it brings me right back to that moment in time.

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