Including Your Pets in Your Family Portraits


Including Your Pets in Your Family Portraits

Stephanie and I have always had dogs, cats, birds and horses in our lives. All of our children have grown up with a house full of loving animals. We would always try to include our pets in our family portraits whenever possible, which created wonderful family memories.

We encourage those who have pets to include them in their own family portraits, as we have many pet friendly outdoor portrait locations.

The Cohee family included their spectacular horse and their beautiful dog in their last family portrait session. The rustic natural trail was the perfect backdrop for their family portraits. Capturing heartfelt emotion from their pets was equally as important as the expressions captured of the Cohee family.

It seems that no matter what mood your in when you come home, your pet is always happy to see you. So, it only seems natural to enhance your family portraits with that same happiness.

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