Christopher's high school senior pictures at his home

Christopher’s high school senior pictures at his home

Over the years, the Tokarse family has used just about every one of our outdoor locations for their family portraits. When it came time to chose a location for Christopher’s high school senior pictures, Lisa Tokarse thought that her home might make a great backdrop for Christopher’s senior photo session.

Well, she was right. With the beautiful landscape, I was able to give Christopher many different looks, including looking like he was in a forest, capturing him with the American flag, using his truck as a prop and using their swimming pool for some of his photos.

This photo session meant a lot to me because I have watched Christopher grow up from the time he was a little boy. One of the most rewarding things for me was to see all of their family portraits taken over the years beautifully displayed throughout their home.

As a water polo champion, it only made sense to get some senior pictures of him where he spends most of his time, his swimming pool. Christopher recently graduated from Whittier High School a a CIF Champion, Legacy Scholarship, CSF Life Member, Presidents Award, Distinguished Scholars, AP Merit Medallion, Gold Seal and Seal of Biiteracy in Latin.

Needless to say, we are all very proud of you Chistopher, now go get em’!

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