The Hayden Family Makes A Splash With The Ultimate Family Portrait Session

Every time that we update the Hayden’s family portrait, we use their beautiful home and we always end up with amazing accomplishments.

Lori Hayden had three things that she was hoping to accomplish for this years portrait session. Her son’s high school senior portraits, update a special moment with her daughter and her horse (taken ten years ago,) as well as an update of their family portrait. So, my goal was to pack three photo sessions into one.

I was so eager to share this experience, so you get to see their family portraits straight out of camera.

The Hayden Family Makes A Splash With The Ultimate Family Portrait Session

We started with Charlie’s high school senior pictures. Here are a few of his mom’s favorites. Charlie is such a great person. Besides being super handsome, he is really down to earth and loves his family.

We then recaptured Caroline and her horse that we took ten years previous. It’s rare that I photograph someone with their horse, without a lead, or a halter. It’s very obvious that the two of them have a very special bond. I plan on doing another post showcasing more photos form both photo sessions.

It was then time to update the Hayden’s family portrait. Since they are such a loving family, it made sense to have them cuddle next to each other. As Stephanie and I got to know the Hayden family over the years, they are such a wonderful example of a family that supports each other, as well as loves spending time with one another.

Now for the big splash! We ended the photo session with the shot that describes the Hayden family to the tee. I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves.


A special thanks to the entire Hayden family for another awesome family portrait session.

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