My Approach To High School Senior Lifestyle Pictures

My main approach to high school senior lifestyle pictures is keeping it as natural as possible, with location, lighting, posing and expressions as the key elements.
I describe lifestyle photography as capturing real-life moments. To accomplish this, I keep my high school senior models out of the studio and in natural environments of their choice, such as parks, the beach, historic locations, where they work, or at their home, just to name a few. To keep it as real-life as possible, I capture my models with available natural light, which is much more convincing to being real-life looking than studio lighting.

By having fun, it then becomes easy in coaching my models to keep their posing and expressions as natural and real as possible.

It can be argued that to be real-life looking a lifestyle photo must look like a candid. My lifestyle portrait photography style is a blend of candid, as well as my models looking directly into the camera. In the end, my high school senior pictures can all be perceived as being very real-life and natural looking.

Examples of high school senior lifestyle pictures with an equestrian barn location, natural light and candid style for a real-life look and feel.

Examples of high school senior lifestyle pictures with a historic location, natural light and with the model looking directly into the camera for a real-life natural look and feel.

To keep it as real-life as possible, my high school senior photo sessions have a blend of both candid style, as well as looking directly into the camera, resulting in must-have, natural looking photos.

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