Photography expeditions adding epic adventure to our lives

Photography expeditions adding epic adventure to our lives

Photography expedition at Montana Horses, Three Forks, Montana

Photography expedition at Montana Horses, Three Forks, Montana

Photography expeditions along with traveling make our job one of the best occupations we could have ever hoped for. Val and I started teaching photography in 2010. We took our students on photography expeditions after teaching them the basic elements of photography to help cement our teachings with our students. Initially we stayed close to home taking our students to local venues such as Laguna Niguel Regional park, Sunset Cliffs beach in San Diego and The Mission San Juan Capistrano. As Val and I started to realize that their was suddenly a high demand to learn photography, we took our “Show” (Basic Elements of Photography Workshop) on the road. We went to some really fun places to help our fledgling photographers test their new skills, such as the Portland Oregon Zoo, Seattle aquarium, The Museum of the Rockies in Montana and the Harry P Leu botanical gardens in Orlando Florida, just to name a few.

We realized that our Photography workshop was a “Hit” because it really helped people grasp the basic elements and principles of photography. We made learning simple, a 4 hour in class instruction using Images and technical principles in a easy to follow repetitive and sometimes comical PowerPoint presentation, along with Val and I’s constant back and forth banter, followed by a 2 hour hands on instruction to let people practice what they had just learned a few hours before. Growing in popularity and the fact that you could really learn photography in one day we began to journey out further across the United States, Canada and Europe. Oh what tremendous fun that was!

Photography expeditions at the Bouchard Gardens in Vancouver, Navy Pier in Chicago, the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Austin Texas, William Leahy’s Dartfield Horse Park & Museum in Loughrea Ireland and St James Park near Buckingham Palace in London initiated a wider following and sealed the deal for our addiction to photography instruction and travel. ,

While on Photography Expedition with our students and new-found-friends we honed our own skills and were able to create some of our best Fine Art Collections.

One of the most popular Photography Expeditions we offered was at our dear friends working Horse ranch in Three Forks Montana... and wow did that just kick-off many tremendous photographic adventures for those who shared our love for photography, horses, nature and the “Old West”. “Montana Horses” had a yearly Horse Drive the trailed horses 30 miles from winter pasture through the small towns of willow creek and Three Forks and eventually all the way home to the 500 acre Mantle Ranch. What a thrill and life changing event for many. The last Montana Horses Horse Drive was in 2012 and although an end to a landmark event, it was an experience that anyone who participated or witnessed will never forget. The Mantles opened up their ranch to our photography expeditions and to photographers to participate and document their horses, countryside, ranch life and events like rodeo practice and traditional hunting with horses and hounds.

Photography Expeditions are a way for us to share our photography knowledge and skills with others in an exciting way that allows the participant to practice without realizing that they are practicing.... gathering fantastic images with once in a lifetime experiences.

Our traditional hunting trips in Ireland with some of our favorite hunt clubs “Big Sky Hounds” - Montana and “Red Rock Hounds” - Reno Nevada have been some of our most adventurous yet! Our participants have the ability to chase the hunt kind of like “Storm Chasers”, or actually taking the day off from photography and riding along with the traditionally dressed riders learning and having fun with the age old sport.

Ireland, England, Montana, California and Reno have been our current venues for these action and photography rich expeditions.

This January 2019 we will start the year off with a bang with our first expedition of the year at the Historic Tejon Ranch in California with Horses, Hounds and Traditional Hunt Festivities. We expect a super turnout of riders and participants to give us yet another epic adventure!

Join us this January 2019 and have the experience of a lifetime!