Business Marketing Photography for Small Business

Photography for small businesses is completely different to any other photography. Acting as a much more important tool for small businesses for their high turnover siblings, photography is an excellent way to promote an enterprise with minimal input. At Val Westover Photography we take the needs of the individual very seriously and are proud of the business we offer to small businesses in Orange County.

As award winning photographers we know what looks good, what looks bad and what will leave you regretting your decisions. We put everything we have into every photo shoot we do and the results are translated directly into the photographs at the end result. Of course, when you’re looking at marketing photos then they are again a different ball game and some of our favorite shoots are the ones that will go directly into marketing campaigns.

One of the biggest things we enjoy on small business marketing photo shoots is discovering what the company is all about. Sure, you might own a business that sells cupcakes but at the core of that business is the owner and the baker. The heart of the business isn’t necessarily what the business is selling but what was the force driving it forwards, especially in those early days. Finding that story and going with it is an excellent marketing tool for smaller businesses as it gives a more personalized feel and draws people in.

While we always suggest having the main focus of your business in some of the photographs we also think it’s a great idea to have some of the front runner to act as a secondary platform, especially on websites and internet campaigns. People love to know the people that they’re buying off of and the story of where a business grew from and a few pictures of you interacting with your passion is a great way to draw people in.

Group photographs, single photographs and photos that incorporate both still life and you working alongside it are engaging and help to set the scene for prospective clients. The more you can draw a customer in to the scene the more they will feel at home with the idea of it and that is why we like to promote friendly faces and excellent produce, the two best things to draw new customers in. The wider the selection of shots you get the more flexibility you will have when it comes to the marketing campaign itself however making the basics pop is our speciality and one that works better than over compromising with the number of shots.

Great photographs that pop off the page are the best way of building your business into something truly great. At Val Westover Photography we have an eye for telling a story and making it pop out through the form of photos. If you’re thinking of starting a marketing campaign then contact us today 949-367-0077, you won’t be disappointed with the services we have to offer!