5 Easy Steps for A Successful High School Senior Photo Session for Guys


5 Easy Steps for A Successful High School Senior Photo Session for Guys

Do you remember the old days when everyone rocked up with the same old tired black and white outfits for the sombre pictures of high school senior pictures?
Now you get a real chance to show your personality in photos that your parents are sure to treasure for a lifetime.
So guys, what do you need to know to get through your Senior photo session?
Well, before you head out you should think about what your favorite features are (yes, seriously! You need to know your best side), what do you want to remember most about this time of your life?
What else? Well, I’ve done my best to narrow it down to the best 5 steps.

Don’t Be Late.

This might sound obvious, but honestly you don’t want to feel rushed so it’s always good idea to arrive a little bit early so that you have time to get yourself ready and relaxed.

Set the Scene.

Is there a specific location you’d love to snap your photos in? Are there props you’d like to include? Maybe you’re obsessed with soccer, or you played baseball, are you in band, the chess club or is there a book that you’ve been crazy about?
If you have something that you feel reflects your personality and this time in your life, then don’t be afraid to bring it along to include in some photos. This is your opportunity to create a snapshot in time of the biggest year of your life.


 Most people don’t particularly enjoy having their pictures taken, but think about it another way: your mom wants this, she needs this so just play ball for her sake. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy yourself! It will go quicker if you get into it, and you’ll probably end up having a blast.


Dress smartly, allow your personality to come through, and make sure that you consider the fact that your parents will likely want to hang these pictures on the wall, so consider that. Be yourself, but… be your best self. Unless you’re sporting a full beard (or a variation) it’s best to arrive after a fresh shave, stubble doesn’t look great in pictures. If your parents have an aversion to your facial hair, then you might want to consider removing it all together.


Don’t be afraid to bring some extra clothes- solid colors are always a safe choice because they photograph well. For close up photos a collared shirt or a V-neck will frame your face well as it thins your neck. If you have a longer neck go with a higher neckline and if you’ve got a short neck, then go with a V-neck. Make sure your clothes fit, there’s nothing worse than seeing your photos and realizing that you bought your outfits two sizes too big.
For a bonus 6th step… just enjoy yourself!


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