High School Senior Pictures - Tips For Success

High School Senior Pictures - Tips For Success

By Ryan Westover

Let me start by saying that high school senior pictures are very important to my mom. As a guy, there are plenty of other things that I would much rather be doing like hanging out with friends or my girl friend, skateboarding, listening to music... So, here are some of the things that helped me have a successful photo shoot.


High School Senior Pictures Tips For Success

1 - Dress how your parents want you to

That's right, your parents are the ones paying for it so you might as well make them happy and besides, I thought I looked pretty good in what my mom had me wear.

2 - Don't worry about your skin

Be confident and don't worry if your face breaks out because a good photographer will perfect your skin and make you look really awesome. I had a slight breakout and you would never know by looking at any of my pictures.

3 - Be yourself

Don't be shy, be yourself. Your senior photographer only wants you to look and feel really good, so just go with it, be confident, be yourself and just have fun. I was a little rigid at first but after my photographer started shooting I was completely relaxed. Since I was able to be myself, it made it fun and my expressions look natural and real.

 4 - Don't change your hair style

Style your hair like you would normally wear it. Don't do anything drastic to your hair because you will end up not liking your pictures. I kept my hair the way I like to wear it every day and it made me like my own pictures.

5 - Be patient

Go in with a patient attitude because even though a good photographer will take a lot of pictures with a lot of different poses, your photo shoot will be over before you even realize it. Who knows, you might end up having as much fun as I did.

 ~ Ryan Westover

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