How to have fun during your corporate headshot photo session

Corporate headshot of brunette financial adviser woman by Val Westover Photography

Corporate headshot of brunette financial adviser woman by Val Westover Photography

How to have fun during your corporate headshot photo session

Know your competition, but don't copy them. Let your genuine and sincere expressions make people gravitate towards you and your business. How can you achieve this? Having fun in your photo session is the key. Most people consider the thought of getting their corporate headshots to be very stressful. So, how can you remove the stress and have fun during your photo session?

Do your research and find the top headshot photographers in your area.

Your headshot is your most important marketing tool, so take the time to find out who are the top corporate headshot photographers in your area. Be sure to check out their website and see if their style of photography will help you rise above your competition. Pick up the phone and call them to see if their is a connection between the two of youand to see if they are there to serve your needs over theirs. Finding the right photographer is the first step to insure a successful and fun photo session.

Be prepared

Your photographer should be able to advise you on hair, clothing, colors, makeup, jewelry and accessories. Have all of your outfits clean, pressed and ready to go. Carry and extra bag for jewelry and accessories. If you have your own makeup artist, be sure to schedule your appointment with them allowing enough time to get to your headshot photo session early.

Get plenty of rest

Drink a lot of water, eat right and get plenty of rest a few days before your photo session. Make sure that you get to bed early the night before to get your eight hours of beauty sleep. Picture in your mind your photo session going smoothly and picture yourself being overwhelmed with excitement about the outcome of your photos. Being rested feels good, so you can now take that great feeling with you all the way to your photo session.

Get to your photo session early

By arriving early to your headshot photo session, you will have the time to organize and lay out your clothing and accessories. Take this time to look over your hair and makeup. Find the mirror and think of 10 things that you love about yourself while looking into the mirror. Getting to your photo session early will help remove the stress of your appointment.

Be confident

You are awesome at what you do and you have so much to offer to those who need your service. You have hand selected the best headshot photographer, you have been prepared for days, you are well rested and you arrived early. It's now easy to project your genuine and beautiful energy into the camera. You now are finding yourself having fun during your corporate headshot photo session!

The end results? corporate headshot photos that have captured your genuine, sincere expressions and your inner awesomeness!

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