Video Editing

you know all of the work that's involved when it's time to edit several hours of RAW wedding or event footage. With the editing style based on the videographers needs, our video editing services offer different video editing styles based on our vast experience of editing hundreds of videos. We offer two different video editing packages that expand upon your shooting style, resulting with an exceptional final cut.

Video Editing - Documentary Style - $45.00

Documentary style editing focuses on simply capturing the day, as they happen, in the order they happen. This type of editing usually has less cut out of the final DVD, little to no dramatic camera angles, less music is added and less special effects are used. Our Documentary includes: Slow Motion, Black&White, Fade In/Fade Out.

Video Editing - Cinematic Style - $70.00

Cinematic style editing is defined as a "film like" look. This style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. We help to create the "wow" factor to tell your story in a unique way. A cinematic filmed wedding requires more editing due to the sequencing of multiple cameras, lighting effects, mixing of music and voices as well as incorporating other special effects. Our Cinematic includes: Slow Motion, Black&White, Fade In/Fade Out, Color Fade, Spot Color, Sepia Tone, Cinemascope, Transitions.

Video Retouching - $18 / Raw Hour - $0.00

Video retouching is quote based services dependent on the time taken to retouch the frames in the video. The service includes but not restricted to color correction, removal of noise, dust and jitters, sharpening, logo removal, chroma Keying ,frame stabilization Or Addition of background music. Feel free to send us examples and job notes of what you would like done. You name it and we will do it. 
The request for a quote is absolutely FREE. You can approve or reject the quote, no strings attached.

Things to remember when you choose one of our video editing services.

  • Make sure that you have uploaded all the RAW data including any supporting photos and videos.
  • Check to see that you have included all the audio files for the music overlays and have the necessary licenses for it.
  • Check if your Logos are of a high resolution and are the correct dimensions.
  • If you have additional instruction that you would like to give us, please feel free to attach a text or PDF.