2019 High School Senior Pictures Ideas and Tips

2019 High School Senior Pictures Ideas and Tips

For the best 2019 high school senior pictures experience ever, read through these ideas and tips and use them as a guide in preparing for your perfect senior photo session.

How can I find the best high school senior photographers near me?

Searching for the best of anything on the web can seem overwhelming. To make it easier, try to be as specific as possible about what you are looking for, as well as including your location. For example use search terms such as, high school senior photographers Mission Viejo, CA.
When looking for the best high school senior photographers near you, there are three things to consider. Experience, quality and style.

As you search the web for the best senior photographers near you, be sure to take a look at how many years they have been in business as a full time professional photographer. High school senior photographers with many years of experience have an edge over those who are just starting out. Just like it take years for a musician to master a musical instrument, It also takes years of practice for a photographer to master their photography skills.

In searching for the best senior photographers take a close look at all of the senior portrait photos on a their web site to see if they all are consistent, meaning do they all appear to be high quality and professional looking to you. Also, make sure that the photographers in your search have plenty of testimonials and reviews. Once you narrow down the high school senior photographers of your choice, it’s a good idea to look for reviews about them on other sites. Avoid photographers that only offer digital images. As high quality photographers may also offer digital package options, they will also have professional prints, wall portraits, albums, announcement cards and more, to create high-end products to share with loved ones and to display in your home. Remember, grandma wants to put a photo of your on her trophy wall.

The best high school senior photographers will have a consistent and unique style of their own. During your search for the best photographers near you, look at their senior picture gallery to see if their style is exactly what you want for yourself. For the best results, it’s always better to find a photographer that shoots in the style that you are looking for, rather than asking a photographer to accomplish a style outside of their realm.

High school senior yearbook

Because high school senior yearbooks are packed with so many memories, they become treasured family heirlooms that get passed down from generation to generation. Most high schools will have a dedicated photographer for senior pictures and their photos are the only ones that can be used for your class picture. When using another photographer for a professional custom high school senior photo session, keep in mind that your school most likely will not let you use a photo taken for your yearbook class picture. However, most high schools will allow for pictures from your professional custom photo session to be used in other parts of the yearbook. These are the areas of the yearbook that hold all of the creative memories from your high school years. It’s always a good practice to find out what your high school’s yearbook guidelines are.

2019 High school senior picture ideas for guys and girls

Since a picture can say a thousand words, I’ll let them speak for themselves for guys and girls senior picture ideas. As you are looking at the high school senior pictures below (of guys or girls) to get ideas for yourself, take a close look at the locations, the poses, the expressions and the outfits, as this will help you prepare for your own senior session. Also, for clothing suggestions, what colors photograph the best and what colors to avoid, take a look at the guys and girls high school senior picture galleries below for visual ideas.

Creative and unique high school senior picture ideas for guys


2019 Creative and unique high school senior picture ideas for girls


2019 Senior portrait prop ideas

Props are not necessary for a successful high school senior photo session. However, if you decide to add props to your senior session, keep in mind that too many props can be distracting and can take away from you as the subject. If you follow the simple rule of “keeping it simple” , props can add a nice element to your high school senior photos. For example, a class ring, flowers for the girls, hats, sporting equipment, letterman’s jacket, pets, musical instrument, cars, or props from hobbies. Any experienced professional photographer will know how to place your props to enhance your senior pictures. See the senior picture gallery below to see how “keeping it simple” with the use of props can be effective.

Choosing an outdoor location for your high school senior photo session

Since I cater to high school senior pictures in three states, I will be talking about locations within Orange County, California, Reno Nevada and Salt Lake City Utah. When searching for a location for your senior session, find out from your photographer the locations that they use and pick the one that makes you the happiest. You should also ask your photographer if they will come to a location of your own choice, especially if there is one that has sentimental value to you.
To give you some ideas and food for thought, I have listed the locations that I recommend for the high school seniors in the areas that I photograph.

High school senior picture location ideas in Orange County, CA

For high school senior pictures at the beach with that Southern California surf and sand look, I recommend either the pier in San Clemente, the board walk in Dana Point, or any of the beaches in Laguna Beach. Huntington Beach pier is also a hot spot for senior pictures. The beach is a great choice to be barefoot in any of the outfits that you bring to your photo session.

The cities in South Orange County that have great downtown vibes and that I get a lot of requests for senior portraits are, San Juan Capistrano, Tustin, Orange, Laguna Beach, Huntington beach and the Fun Zone at Balboa Island in Newport Beach. High school senior portrait sessions are great in this environment because of the endless backdrops and colors. The Mission SJC is another option for a beautiful downtown historic location. In fact, the Mission in San Juan Capistrano is our number one choice for senior portraits.

For the high school seniors that request parks and locations in Orange County that include a lake, I recommend the lakes in Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Costa Mesa, the Lake at Laguna Niguel Regional Park and the lake in Orange at Irvine Regional Park. Lakes make for beautiful backdrops in any senior photo.

Parks are great locations for senior pictures for those who love the outdoors. Every park in Orange County seems to have it’s own look. For example, Laguna Niguel Regional park offers a blend of long grassy landscapes, wooden bridges and woodsy areas. Lake Forest and Tustin both have areas that look as if your in the woods. Aliso Viejo, Foothill Ranch and Trabuco Canyon, offer parks with rustic backdrops, rugged canyons and spectacular ancient oak trees, perfect for those who want senior pictures with the ultimate rugged outdoorsy look.

There are countless beautiful locations right in your backyard and no one knows your local area better than you do. That’s why I offer locations of your choice that might not be on my list. For example, high school seniors in Ladera Ranch, or Coto De Caza have endless locations within their community, such as club houses, pocket parks, golf course, skate park, equestrian center and much more. These are locations that are not included on my list because they are private and access is limited to residence or club members only.

High school senior picture location ideas in Reno Nevada

There are countless beautiful locations for senior pictures in Reno Nevada. The landscapes are breathtaking and you can’t go wrong in choosing any of the parks, mountains, lakes, or any of the high desert rustic trails. If sage brush that surrounds tall pine trees and large open fields is the look that you want for your senior pictures, then Callahan Ranch Park in South Reno is perfect for high school senior photo sessions. Add your dog, or your horse and show off your own particular style.

The River Walk District, down town Reno is another hot spot for high school senior pictures. From beautiful pocket parks, long windy trails, the majestic Truckee River and a hip downtown vibe, you end up with so many different looks for your senior photos.

Incline Village on the north shore of Lake Tahoe is one of my most requested locations for high school senior pictures. So many looks can be accomplished at Crystal Bay, with aqua blue Lake Tahoe Water, interesting beaches, rock formations, forest trails, pocket parks and panoramic mountain views. Lake Tahoe is a truly one of Reno’s closest treasures for senior pictures. Carson City high school seniors have also made incline village their number one choice for their senior pictures.

If you’re not far from Verdi Nevada, then Crystal Peak Park is a great option for senior pictures. Wide open golden grass fields, Green trees, mountain views, are some of the looks that you get for your senior session. For high school seniors that love the outdoors, Crystal Peak Park is another very rustic and beautiful Reno NV location.

Sparks Nevada has many location to choose from for your high school senior pictures., with local parks, river and mountain views, long windy trails, you’re senior session can have so many different outdoor looks to choose from.

Another high desert rustic location for senior pictures is Sun Valley Regional Park in Sun Valley, NV. With indigenous vegetation, windy trail, rock formations and mountain views, Sun Valley Regional Park is another hot spot for high school senior sessions.

One of our most popular locations for high school senior pictures, not far from Spanish Springs and Cold Springs in northwest Reno is Mayberry Park. With the river, rocks, trees, trails, bridges and spectacular views, Mayberry Park is such a fun location for senior pictures.

If old barns, horses, old ranch equipment, tall trees, endless pastures and majestic views are what you have in mind for your high senior pictures, then all you have to do is just ask. We have private ranch locations that will give you the senior photos that you dream of.

Besides selecting the location of your choice for your high school senior pictures, just be yourself, have fun and just for a moment, let the spotlight be on you in this monumental time of your life.

High school senior pictures, Reno Nevada

High school senior picture location ideas in Salt Lake City, Utah

High school senior picture gallery

Your high school senior portraits are a celebration of one of the most important stages of your life. You are leaving high school and entering the world of adulthood. With so many milestone memories in some of your most impressionable years, your high school senior pictures insure that you document this special time of your life. Your senior pictures should capture just how spectacular you are at this monumental stage of your life.

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