How Well Do Dads Know Their Own Kids?

The Westover Kids

The Westover Kids

It has been stereotyped since the beginning of time that Moms know everything about their kids and I'm not here to challenge that, I'm just curious to know how well us Dads think we know our own kids.

We spend a lot of time with them as they grow up reading them stories, playing with them, taking them to sporting events, watching movies, helping with homework, playing video games, sitting in at their little tea parties, just to name a few.

As they get older we go to their school functions, take them on vacations, drive them every where, meet all of their friends, follow and monitor their social media pages, take them to last minute doctors appointments, drop them off at the Mall and of course, hangout with them on Mom's night out.

Bottom line, with all of that time invested, we should know our kids pretty darn well, right?
Take the "How well do you know your kids" quiz and check your answers with your own kids to see how well you did. If you have more than one child, prepare on taking this quiz multiple times.

Take this simple quiz to see how well you know your kids

1. How many Kids do you have?
This might seem like an easy question. In my next post, I'll explain why I have one more kid than I thought I had. It's actually an incredible story.

2. What's you Kids favorite color?

3. What's your kids favorite food?

4. What's your kids favorite movie?

5. Who is your kids best friend?

6. What's your kids biggest phobia?

7. What's your kids favorite past time?

8. What's your kids favorite book?

9. What does your kid want to be when they grow up?

10. Who is your kids biggest Super Hero?

How well did you do?

If you got 8 to 10 correct, then you are a Super Dad!

The answers that I got wrong from this simple quiz is a reminder to me that I need to spend a lot more time hanging out, asking questions and listening to my kids.

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